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Sangur is a village/ward of Hurnamaira.its distance from Rawlakot city is approximately 10 to 11 km via Mujahedabad.In the east of the Sangur the village Ternuti,in the west village Pachiot,in the south village Numb and in the north there is a village of chapraban.Diffrent tribes(Dada Shakh) in sangur are Achyal, Soorawal and Pholyal. There are Many Well Known Persons from sangur, some of them are Late Adovocate Inayat Khan, Retd. Inspector Asharf Khan and Sardar Afsor Khan(Late),Sabir Hussain Sabir,Mustaq Hussain and Saeed Aziz and brothers .


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Data Source: Zahid & Tahir Ismail, Khurshid Hasrat.



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