About Us:


    I am Sohrab Khaliq from Hurnamaira Numb. I did my BS Networks & Communication from FUUAST Islamabad and got Expertise in Microsoft and Cisco. Currentely I am working in UAE Government Customs Department . We all know Kashmir is heaven on earth. It was my passion to promote my area. So I decided to make a social network. I visited the whole Union Council & surroundings for data collection and pictures.

     I tried to cover the facts and figures of whole Union Council Hurnamaira. It was a tough job for me. But people co operated with me generously. In the development of the site my university friends M.Shakeeb, M.Muzamil, M.Waqas, and Idrees Nazir helped me a lot.

     In the data collection Professor Waheed Khan, Qamar Razaq, Engr Atif Aziz, Sohail Farooq and Amir Rasheed cooperate with me. I am unable to write the name of all those people who helped me but I am much thankful to all of them. I apologies to all of those people whose names are missing in facts and figures.I know there will be mistakes and names will be missing.You are always welcome for indicating mistakes and your suggestions will be appreciated.